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Cold wax

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Composed of a mixture of natural ingredients, it is available in different kinds: honey, azulene, titanium dioxide. These cold waxes are particularly suited for both single customers or aestheticians because of very simple use: being water-soluble, rests are very easy to remove and furthermore they need a very short time to get warm.

Kinds and sizes:

  • 65 ml. Roll-on  (honey) - Maryepil
  • 100 ml. Refill (honey) - Maryepil
  • 250 ml.jar (honey) - Maryepil
  • 400 ml.tin (honey, azulene, titanium dioxide), professional use - Rewiwax
  • 700 ml. tin (honey, azulene, titanium dioxide) - professional use -Rewiwax
  • 1400 ml. tin (honey, azulene, titanium dioxide) - professional use - Rewiwax

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